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ESA began acquiring MSS data in and it is well known that this dataset can be degraded due to missing data brosi harjad valutab a loss in accuracy. For these reasons, the content of the product format has been reviewed and the ESA Landsat processing baseline significantly updated to ensure products are fit for user purposes.

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This paper presents the new MSS product format including the updated metadata parameters for error traceability, and the specification of the Quality Assurance Band BQA engineered to allow the best pixel selection and also the application of image restoration techniques.

This paper also discusses major improvements applied to the radiometric and geometric processing.

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For the benefits of the community, ESA is now able to maximize the number of L1 MSS products that can potentially be generated from the raw Level 0 L0 data and ensure the highest possible data quality is reached. Also, by improving product format, processing and adding a pixel based quality band, the MSS archive becomes interoperable with recently reprocessed Landsat data and that from live missions by way of assuring product quality on a pixel basis.