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Arvustused Goodreads'ist Vivid case examples help to guide nurses in developing appropriate interventions that include complementary and alternative health therapies and provide a basis for evaluating outcomes.

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Exercises interspersed throughout each case study include numerous open-ended and multiple-choice questions to facilitate learning and critical thinking. The text is unique in that some of the presented cases focus on psychosocial dona boles such as gambling addiction, hoarding behaviour, emergency preparedness, and long-distance caregiving.

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Cases also depict geriatric clients who are living healthy, productive lives to counter myths and negative attitudes about older adults. Scenarios demonstrating ethical dilemmas prepare students to appropriately respond to "gray area" situations. With cases that take place in the home and community or within dona boles, acute, and long-term care facilities, this book will be useful for courses specific to gerontology nursing or across any nursing curriculum.

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New to the Second Edition: A completely new section of Aging Issues Affecting the Family New cases addressing Healthcare Disparities, Aging in Place, and Prevention of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Additional contemporary case studies Additional video dona boles and animations embedded throughout the text The addition of Quality for Safety in Nursing Education QSEN Dona boles A greater focus on prioritization and delegation of client's needs infused throughout exercises Näita rohkem Näita vähem Arvustused This is an excellent teaching guide and resource manual for instructors, gerontological nursing students, and practicing nurses and social workers who wish to learn more about geriatric concerns and care.

It will be kept by nursing students long after they graduate as a guide to resources that will be valuable throughout their nursing careers.

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As a home care nurse working mainly with the geriatric community, I found the resources helpful in my practice. As an instructor, I found the book to be a very useful guide for teaching geriatrics.

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Case studies are a pedagogically powerful approach to active learning that offer opportunities to apply content to clinical practice.